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unforgettable brand portraits

dare. influence. Inspire.

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Hi, I'm irina LEONI. welcome to power portraits™!


I feel that I was born to take photos of entrepreneurs.

The sparkle in an entrepreneur’s eye is different than that of any other people.

The energy. The passion. The hustle. The grit.

The unwavering determination.

The seemingly crazy belief that they can change the world in their own unique way.


Yet, when you put anyone in front of a camera, it’s easy to clam up.

Thoughts of self-doubt emerge in a forced smile and fear appears in the eyes.

This is where I come in.

To translate the spark of an entrepreneur into an image lights me up.

She has a way of uncovering beauty -
the very essence of her subjects, like no other.
Whether it’s people, places or things -
they all have a story
and through whatever lenses she chooses...
Irina tells it beautifully.
— Jo Ann Tartaglia, "Life Is a Bowl of Pasta"