What happens when our dreams come true?

When I was in my last year of high school, I went to a career center. It’s a place where they have you fill out all kinds of quizzes and questionnaires - all resulting with a firm and clear direction where you should be taking your up and coming career.

I knew I was super interested in all things “computers” and I also knew that all my other friends were applying to study “economics“. My grandma DEFINITELY wanted me to study economics, but she didn’t get any voting rights. And I wanted to be validated in my desires, so I went to get tested.

After waiting for a very long time in a room that had absolutely nothing interesting going for me (and I didn’t have a smartphone to play with) - the lady invited me in to review my results. The conversation was very short. She basically informed me that I will be very good at and most content with a career in TOURISM.

I remember being very surprised.

I remember chuckling at that idea on my way home.

I remember laughing when I was telling my mom about it.

And then I dismissed it. Whether there was any place to take my career to develop in tourism or not - in my post-soviet little home country - was a whole other question. I know I ended up in a paying program (as opposed to a typical government subsidized university program) that had both business and computer technologies combined. I studied computers and I studied economics. Everyone was happy.

I forgot all about that test result. Until this last week.

This last week was when my business partner Denise and I sold our last available spot on the photographic tour of Morocco that we’re hosting for 12 days in October. It’s called “Capture Morocco” and all the details are here. But it is the morning when I was on a phone with my mom, telling her all about this major step and accomplishment in my life - when she reminded me about that test result.

And I sat there for a few minutes taking it all in. And stunned at how it all came together. And HOW LONG IT TOOK for it to get here where I am in life. My career in Tourism! Ha.

Please don’t worry - I’m not about to drop everything and run off to Morocco or some other exotic third world country to dive into the world of touring and living out of the backpack. Not for another couple of years!

But I am now officially the connector between people with dreams and their bucket list destination! And I’m so proud of it. I feel like it’s SO GOOD, that I never even dared to dream of doing something like that! And it didn’t take any drastic measurements to get here. It only took a list of actions that I would take anyway. It took some money to travel and explore, it took time to make local friends and connections, and it took time to build a relationship with a perfect partner, who wanted to make it happen as much as I did. After that it’s the stuff that I do all the time anyway. Day-dreaming perfect vacations with my favorite booking sites, google maps and Whatsapp chat open, which is exactly how “Capture Morocco” got designed and launched.

The point of me sharing this story with you is - what is it for us that is SO GOOD that we don’t even dare to dream of doing it? Why don’t we find out what it is and then chase THAT instead of our typical routine goals? Is anyone here thinking that running a Boston marathon would be too good to be true? Or backpacking with kids and living off of their blog?

What is YOUR “too good to be true” kind of a dream?